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Our main product, Shepard, is our software platform that has been designed to control and manage video signals in all aspects, from its creation, processing and transmission to the end user - viewer.

It has been designed for the purpose of:

  • Web TV
  • E-learning (schools, universities, seminars)
  • Private two-way video communications
  • Distribution of up to 1.000 TV channels for cable and internet providers
  • Downloaded content billing

Shepard uses security protocols that guarantee superior protection of connections and is adaptable to the client’s specific requirements in many aspects of video signal control, thus enabling the total user-control and simple downloaded content billing.

In relation to other similar OTT platforms, Shepard guarantees the following:

  • Security
  • Simple system management
  • Possibility of upgrading and expanding capacity according to specific customer requirements
  • Low resource consumption
  • Minimum setup and maintenance costs

Shepard consists of the following components:

  • Encoding (processes and delivers all types of video signals to the default location at the default bitrate and in H264, H265 format, etc.)
  • Transcoding (multiplex of multiple input channels, processing and delivery in the default format to the end-user)
  • Middleware (control of end-users that performs the following functions: billing of the provided services either in postpaid or pre-paid model, limiting access to functions that the user has not paid, the precise statistics of the rating of each television channel, Video on demand, Catch-Up TV, EPG, etc.)

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